Saturday, January 16, 2010

The final products of a photography workshop. We were asked to combine modern with historical, creating juxtapositions and exploring a particular theme. I decided to work with the historic buildings of Manchester, and I made a miniature 3d set up of a city. I put modern things into the situation, into the 3d miniature city, which I then photographed. I tried buses, created contrast with brightly coloured flowers and wildlife and experimented with slow shutter speeds to suggest action and energy. I thought some of the resulting photographs looked visually appealing, but they did not really mean anything to me, they were not exciting me, so I decided to try something else.

A recent trip to London inspired me. Areas of London can be quite unattractive, many big busy roads, tall and grim looking buildings; it can be quite daunting. Yet there is also many great things to see that are exciting and attractive. We visited a number of galleries that caged some beautiful work.

I wanted my photographs for this project to look more surreal, I didn't want them to look like an ordinary city. So I hung the original pictures of the buildings up in different directions. For the background I used modern artwork I had seen in the galleries in London. I wanted to bring the inside, out - this time the gorgeous artwork would surround and cage the buildings. I also wanted to suggest that beauty can be found anywhere; reflecting upon my struggle with finding beauty in built up city's.

I think the unusual angles of the buildings plus the added bright colour make the images much more attractive than my previous ones.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something Really Cool - University Group Project

We were given the quote "Go to where the silence is and say something", by Amy Goodman, in which in a group we had to interpret. We could produce a result in a number of different formats, such as an image, a series of images or a film. We decided to make a stop frame animation that would encourage people to talk in quiet places. We were inspired by silent movies and the choreographed dance sequences of Busby Berkeley. We animated a poem that we wrote that would hopefully encourage people to talk, using objects that reflect silence - such as books and newspapers that when people read cause silence.