Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Engross Film Festival

Summer project from university asked us to invent and design a film festival that shows alternative 'arthouse' films. My imaginary film festival is set at Studley Deer Park, a park near my home town that is extremely picturesque and full of lovely trees and wildlife and streams and the such. It is a gorgeous place to walk during the day, but I imagine that during the night it could be rather haunting, with the open space, trees, and darkness looming around you and above you. And I thought the idea of an outdoor screen here showing films, when you are surrounded by the darkness and the cold, the quiet, the wind and rain, could be quite a fantastical experience. So my film festival is an all night event. It will show the films: Ring, Battle Royale, Pans Labyrinth, The Orphanage, Let the right one in, and cube. I hoped that 'Engross' with the double meaning engross and gross would suggest and idea of the films. I didnt want a word that was too pretty. The films are strange in that they are beautifully presented but in a gruesome way - almost like they make blood look attractive. They portray quite shocking and disturbing ideas, and distort beauty - its not typical!

So the films are both beautiful and ugly, at the same time if that is possible... so that is how I have tried to create my adverts! Using an ugly name, trying to create an attractive layout, using a classic elegant font for the film titles and the place names. The films are also very surreal and imaginative which is another theme I was trying to get across - by making everything a bit distorted.

Hmmmmmm... hoping that these posters are portraying these ideas!

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