Saturday, December 4, 2010

Manchester Artists' Book Fair

Saturday 6th November 2010

This exhibition was held at The Holden Gallery in Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoy making my own books so this was an exhibition I was excited about seeing. And it did not disappoint, there was a whole array of hand crafted books and printed publications available to buy from various independent artists as well as collaborative groups. The style of book varied from authentic hand made collage work and hand stitched fabric editions, to clean prints on white paper, precisely bound together in a neat book.

What fascinated me was what the book said about the individual. These were very personal publications, even though the content varied from short stories to purely illustrative pieces, to zines that publicised various local talent. Each one showcased a highly different style and different talent in numerous fields. This fair was a great way for these artists to get more recognition.

There was a great selection of different paper stock that was used, some feeling so delicate I was afraid to touch them, such as these by the artist Angela Davies. They are very tactile beautiful pieces, and I love how inventive she has been.

There was also gorgeously shiny printed photographic publications. So many different styles of working appealed to me, and I would like to explore all of these formats and rare paper stock in my own work.

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