Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a Journey

So I am utterly crap at updating this blog, but here's something new to get it going again - theres alot more to come.

We were given a selection of very different briefs to chose from, some being much more specific on there requirements, expectations and format, than others. I however chose a brief that could result in anything of your choice... which I soon realized was probably a mistake as I do not make decisions easily. The brief asked us to take a metaphorical journey on the theme of connections. Offering such a broad number of options; so many themes that could be explored, I decided to become Tim Burton for this project - after much deliberation.

Tim Burton creates wonderfully weird films, poems and drawings that capture the attention of all ages and bring you into a world that is like no other. It is scary yet fascinating, dreamlike and fun. He creates characters that are often misunderstood monstrosities, whether this be a boy with nails in his eyes or a boy that is mainly an Oyster. The magically odd things his imagination creates are inspiring.

So being Tim Burton, I wrote my own poem, about the connection between the head and the heart. The Head and The Heart became my characters, and the poem is about the Heads struggle in life and the Hearts heart that made her help a beast:

There was a Heart
She was a sweetheart
Who had a bad start
Chased by a body part

It was a head
But it was not dead
As some people said
It was alive instead

Wanting to find
More than his own mind
The Heart he defined
As the lovely and kind

Feeling hollowed
The Heart he followed
Faster down the road
Rolling, he never slowed

Too fast to stop
But then there's a drop
Now on a hill top
But he cannot now stop

“Oh what a beast
That had been unleashed!”
No doubt was at least
The thoughts of the deceased

Sped down and down
He could not slow down
Rolled right through the town
And down and down and down

There was no hope
No way he could cope
He hadn't a hope
Upon the great big slope

He was in need
But he was perceived
A monster indeed
No one helped, was agreed

But then, its still
Quiet on the hill
As the Heart's good will
Brought the Head to standstill

Sun shone above
They both wished for love
Needed was a shove
From the nice peaceful dove

Their quest, complete
The two were replete
The end was too neat
They just now wanted feet!

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