Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alton Towers Halloween Event

We had to design a new campaign, including a new name, posters and tickets etc. Inspired by one of my favourite films, The Labyrinth, I decided to call my event Goblin City. I wanted to draw upon the more fun, creative side of Halloween, rather than the scary aspect of it. My idea was that the Goblins have taken over Alton Towers, and are causing chaos, so enjoy the ride!

I wanted to make my posters look chaotic, like the goblins had made them. They do need more work as they do look too messy - its hard to achieve the right balance of chaos and a hand made feel, while at the same time being well designed!! The first poster is a photograph - I had "Goblin City" made out of wood. The other 4 posters are all hand made collages - a mixture of drawing, painting and cut outs, which I then scanned into the computer. I also had the goblins made out of wood - I thought these could be placed around the park. I wanted the campaign to seem almost gothic, while at the same time being natural - all made out of natural materials. The four crazy posters advertise what the park has to offer.

I ran out of time to finish my campaign, but the tickets for the park would have a picture of a goblin on the back of them, and would say their name, what they like, and where they live. For example, Magical Marvin, featured on the Magical Mayhem poster, lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land - an area within Alton Towers. Risky Ryan likes fast rides and can be found in the Forbidden Valley, Wacky William likes the dark and can be seen lurking in the Gloomy Woods, and Weaver the Water Goblin likes splashing water and can be spotted in Katanga Canyon - this way kids could try and spot them all.

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