Saturday, January 22, 2011

3rd Year Uni Work So Far...

So been a while since I've updated this blog, but here's what I've been doing.

This is my completed work for the first term of 3rd year:

Engross film festival:

Posters and a leaflet to advertise my hypothetical film festival.

It is an all night event that would show 6 alternative horror films on an outdoor screen in the middle of a wood. My proposed location is Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire. I tried to reflect the horror aspect of the films in a subtle way by avoiding cliches, while at the same time suggesting the disturbing nature of the films that manage to create shocking scenes in a beautiful way. The type faces were chosen and created through the contrasting themes of elegance and bold chaos, and I created the imagery through the same thinking; the dead flower that almost looks like some kind of organ. As the contents is chaotic, I then gave a structure to the layout. The main theme of the posters is juxtaposition.

The design group Neasden Control Centre definitely inspired the visual elements. Their full busy pages of huge hand drawn type, surreal imagery and black and white scratchy drawings, shown in their book Lost Control, was the look I wanted for my posters. After experimenting however will filling the page I found it was just too much, the meaning I wanted to portray was hidden beneath the distracting mass of lines. Giving the elements room to breath meant that the opposing contradictory parts of the posters could be compared and contrasted. I hope that I have reflected the fantastically surreal, horrifying and highly considered nature of the films.


The project was called Static and we had to explore this theme in anyway possible. I explored the theme of encasement, within the theme of static. Static is encasement because it is about something being trapped, restricted and unable to move. I encased numerous things in different substances and photographed them close-up to create slightly abstract images that would create an air of mystery and intrigue. The idea of a scientific experiment was exciting me, so I decided this is what I wanted this work to look like, and the work would be exhibited in a surreal exhibition.

For the exhibition, I created 2 posters to advertise the event, as well as some of the images that would be shown in the exhibition. The leaflet is the net of a cube printed on acetate: The 'customer' can then make the cube and encase something inside to be viewed through it. The invite is a test tube that would be given out to selected guests, and the whole exhibition would feature inside a glass cube.

I struggled with the label design but at the moment I am happy with them. I think I had a strong idea and I just hope this is portrayed well.

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