Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dulux Ecosense

A brief titled Fleurons, we were asked to explore the term in the broadest sense of the word. I looked at ways I could represent the flower and plant in a subtle way, merely hinting at the suggestion of an organic form. After numerous experiments using paint, drawing and photography, I decided the imagery I created using paint splodges was the most eye catching. The texture created, the veins running through, almost looked like a close-up of a leaf. Then to use the visuals for a purpose, I thought adverts and packaging for the Dulux Ecosense range would be appropriate, as the imagery features both paint and life.

On the Dulux website you have to search to find the eco-friendly range. Many people do all they can to not harm the environment, so I thought it would be relevant to bring more attention to this range. I also wanted to encourage everyone else to buy it by suggesting that this paint is better than the standard Dulux range. It would be sold as a higher quality paint. Through the packaging and adverts, I wanted to celebrate colour and life, while promoting how the paint can bring this colour and life to your home. I would hope that these adverts would make this ecosense range appeal to people more than any other.

The Dulux website would now feature a large section about the eco-friendly paint, and the page would show the colour chart I designed, where simply hovering over the colour in the flower shape would tell you which paint it was. The colour chart booklet would be printed small so as to not waste paper, and this plus the adverts would be printed on recycled paper.

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