Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leon and the Place Between

A gift from my brother: a gorgeous 'children's' book written by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith and designed by Mike Jolley.

I have put 'children's' in quotation marks as I really think this book can be enjoyed by everyone, children and adults alike. I think it is a beautiful, magical piece of art. It has a lovely story: Leon and his friends admiring a magic show, until Leon becomes part of the magic when he enters the magical box on stage and is taken to The Place Between. This place is where magic takes you: where the things that disappear in magic tricks end up, and it is a world full of mystery and enchantment and beauty.

The story is lovely, but the illustrations are stunning. Rich colours and lots of dazzling delights; wonderful friendly characters and a sense of endless space and action.

Along with these illustrations, the type that accompanies them is equally as fascinating. Almost retro, I think of old hand drawn signs for magic shows and circus's.

It is a book full of excitement, and it will be one I will treasure. It invigorates my imagination and takes me back to my childhood, and I just hope it is a true story... I will soon visit The Place Between...

I love magic and I will always like to have a little magic in my work.

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