Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Million Pigeons

A Million Pigeons : The Home of Creative Blind Dates

A brand spanking new Manchester company that brings together the up and coming creatively talented to create music videos, photo shoots and album/single artwork.

If you're an artist or designer and want to work with record labels or awesomely talented bands get in touch and send us a link to your stuff...

If you're in a band and want videos, promos or artwork, send us your stuff and a rough idea of what you need and we'll find a designer that suits your style...

Jo Lowes from A Million Pigeons introduced herself recently to our year group at university. She is going to offer a number of different projects that we could be a part of. If we like the sound of the brief then we can come up with ideas and pitch them, and if the client likes them then we will go ahead with the project.

The first opportunity was a music video for the band Hans Island, for their song You've Been Told which is due for release very soon. Myself and three friends decided to collaborate and we pitched an idea to the band which they liked and the idea grew with the discussion - and so we are producing a music video. It is all getting rather exciting!

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