Saturday, October 9, 2010

Static References


Sue Platt gave a lecture that discussed the theme of static.

Different ideas were suggested as to what Static is. In films it can put emphasis on certain action or events when the frame is stilled or the scene slowed down. Once in slow motion you can observe each frame thoroughly, and the viewer waits and searches in apprehension until the tension is released.

Static is something being held back and then released for greater impact.

A slow motion film by Douglas Gordon called 24 Hour Psycho featured in Tramway, Glasgow in 1993. It slowed down Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho so that it lasted twenty four hours. This film never releases the tension and the viewer is trapped by the intensity.

Other thoughts occurring in the lecture is how odd it would be to just stop in a city. A freeze frame. A city is so full of movement and action that a still moment is so unlikely and unimaginable, but could reveal a whole new outlook. This relates to the impact photography can have when it captures an active powerful moment in time.

Static can be painful, for example sitting still for a while hurts. Marina Abramovic is an artist who invited people to sit with her at a table, still and quiet for a length of time. The atmosphere created was so intense that some people broke down in tears.

Cornelia Parker created an installation piece that featured the remains of a blown up shed suspended in mid air. It was to represent and recreate the moment just after the explosion. This still piece of recreated action is much more surprising than the real action of blowing up a shed.

Other static references suggested were comics and storyboards, and the thought of the marks left behind by static objects.

This lecture made me look at static in a different way. Think I am going to continue the project by exploring ways I can freeze action.

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