Friday, November 5, 2010

Hans Island You've Been Told Shoot

Me and 3 friends collaborated to work on a music video for Hans Island's debut single You've Been Told.

We pitched the idea of using balloons (green ones that would match their logo) that could be released to represent the running away in the narrative of the song. The band liked this idea and after further discussion the story of the balloons evolved. The video would feature a number of people in mundane situations who would be holding a balloon, and then, inspired by the song, everyone would gather at the end to where the band are playing, and release their balloons. We hoped this would evoke feelings of freedom and of letting go.

After settling on some barren wasteland in Salford to shoot the band performance and the balloon release, we advertised the event on facebook a week before, and on a sunday morning everyone gathered. We began by shooting just the band playing, using different angles and a mix of tripod distant shots and hand held closeups, and then filmed the scenes where everyone made their way to the band to release their balloons. Me and my group had to direct the band and the balloon holding volunteers, which was quite a challenge as we are all very shy! It was a stressful, nerve-racking, fun, exciting and unbelievable day all at the same time, and we loved it. We soon all got into the swing of being directors and camera people.

- My photos on the day, not the best but didn't have much time considering I was filming all day.

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