Friday, November 5, 2010

Hans Island You've Been Told Video

Full HD:

After shooting the band performance and final scenes on Sunday, we only had a few days to finish the rest of the filming and do the editing as their single was due for release less than 2 weeks later. With thanks to willing volunteers we finished the individual scenes - that showed a balloon holder in a mundane situation, 3 days later. We also filmed ourselves to use in the video to increase the number of characters. With limited access to the editing suite in university, we finished the editing and the video a week later.

The most challenging part of this project was getting the singing and instruments in sync to the song. We realized that on the day they had not been singing or playing exactly the same - in reflection we should have made sure that they were. This meant that there was a lot of footage that we had to cut because it didn't work, and we had no time to re-shoot. We tried to find the clips that worked the best, but they are not perfect.

We also didn't have as many volunteers as we would have liked - on the time scale we were given most could not make it for the individual scenes. It was a difficult video to produce as we were reliant on volunteers.

Editing and producing the video was a hard task, as we had to sift through 2 to 3 hours of footage to find the best bits, and only a few days to do it. We made it flow as best we could and quickened the pace of the footage towards the end of the video to create more energy and action as the song reaches its peak. It then calms down at the end to reach the conclusion of the balloon release and to signify the freedom and the letting go.

All in all, with practically a none existent budget and little time, I think we did a good job. It was a challenge but we heavily enjoyed this. There are things we would change on reflection, but for a week and a half's work I think it is a rather successful piece of work.

We hope to work on further projects like this, we enjoyed the variety of the designing, filming, directing and editing. It was a good learning process and we will only get better.

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