Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not Just Fleurons

A new project which asks us to explore plants in the broadest possible way.

These are my initial experiments and thoughts. I started thinking about how plants represent growth and expansion and thought this could be represented through a style of type. For my type experimentation I have used Helvetica Ultra light - to represent the multipurpose and delicate nature of flowers.

I then started to think about how flowers and plants can come from all kinds of people and represent numerous voices, so I played around with overlapping meaningful words that could represent this.

Another idea was to create flowers with the things that come with them, like tags, suggesting the theme of messages.

Further themes I want to explore are warmth and healing because flowers often create harmony. In the theme of healing, I thought as well as emotional harmony and healing, I could look at homeopathic medicine and other medicines that use flower and plant extracts to physically heal.

I have also created a logo for the flower. I have realised that this project is going to be a constant battle with cliches, as plants and flowers are used for so many things, but my thoughts are that if I create a symbol I could juxtapose it somehow, putting it into situations that question its cliche? I'm not sure if that makes sense, but what I mean is it might be interesting to play on its familiar and common nature, rather than trying to completely subvert it.

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